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Deeper insight through combined CFD and metallurgy expertise

Gain insight into the in-process CFD behaviour of your metallurgical process. InsPyro performs reliable CFD analysis to successfully tackle metallurgical issues that systematically occur in your high-temperature process.

CFD simulation specialists at your service

Rely on InsPyro’s CFD specialists to efficiently model furnace geometry, specify boundary conditions, run CFD simulations, interpret the results, and formulate practical recommendations.

  • Acquire deeper insight into metallurgical process
  • Resolve specific metallurgical issues

Predicting the hydrodynamics and thermal behaviour

InsPyro runs ANSYS software to model, predict and analyse metallurgical reaction flows. Specialists using this renowned simulation tool, reveal the hydrodynamics and thermal behaviour of slag and metal phases as well as dust laden gases.

Using the insight acquired, the metallurgical process can be improved further to increase economics and establish a healthier working environment.

CFD key to improve metallurgical performance

CFD Analysis can resolve a range of metallurgical issues:

  • Reduce particle breakage due to repetitive particle/wall impact in cyclones (see also the general application note on cyclone efficiency)
  • Modify gas outlet design to minimise excessive dust, influencing worker hygiene
  • Change burner positions to optimise heat distribution, thus metallurgical efficiency, refractory wear, or energy consumption

Some examples are presented in more detail in the following application notes:

Thanks to their combined expertise in both metallurgy and CFD, InsPyro specialists provide more valuable insight. They provide well-founded analysis results and actionable conclusions in the shortest time possible.

This information allows for efficiently resolving specific issues and realize performance improvements in your metallurgical processes.

Offered as an extra InsPyro service

CFD Analysis is complementary to:

  • InsPyro services focusing on thermodynamic aspects of metallurgical processes (consultancy, support, simulation, monitoring, training, etc.)
  • Spark simulation software calculating the thermodynamic reaction results without requiring expensive metallurgical experiments or trials in the process

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