Microscopy and microanalysis

We provide a wide range of analyses, from basic microstructure characterization using optical light microscopy, to automated image and chemical analysis using SEM (e.g. for inclusion analysis). By the use SEM or EPMA in combination with local analysis techniques (EDX or WDS), advanced chemical and mineralogical characterization of metal, slag, refractories, and waste streams is possible.


Chemical and mineralogical analysis

For bulk analysis of samples, we provide an XRF (chemical composition) and XRD (phase assembly) analysis service. For determination of specific minor elements or for non-metallic inclusion analysis, we also use ICP-AES, mostly in combination with other techniques.


High temperature characterization

Several techniques are available for characterization of the temperature dependent behaviour of materials. Feel free to contact us with a specific question, or for more information on DSC, DTA, or CSLM, as well as high-temperature mechanical property measurements.

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