Course program 2019

This yearly organised course program is given in English and aims at people active in the metal processing industry. The course can be a refreshment of the metallurgical principles for engineers, or give hands-on metallurgists a solid theoretical background. More information on the course content:

06/05/2019: Introduction to thermodynamics
07/05/2019: How to read a phasediagram I
08/05/2019: How to read a phasediagram II
09/05/2019: Pyrometallurgy
10/05/2019: Hydrometallurgy

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Practical details

Price450€ per day per person
1950€ per person for 5 days
group discounts apply, contact us directly

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Educational program

  • How to read a phase diagram – basic level
  • How to read a phase diagram – advanced level
  • Introduction in thermodynamics: from theory to practice
  • Quantitative metallurgy: sampling, measuring, interpretation
  • Thermodynamics in iron- and steel production
  • Metal-slag-matte equilibrium (lead production, copper production)

Custom made courses

InsPyro provides custom made courses for your specific metallurgical process. Please contact for more information.
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