Course programme 2018 in Leuven: The science behind metallurgy

InsPyro organizes a four day course program on thermodynamics, phase diagrams, and metallurgical processes. The course will be given in English and aims to attract engineers or scientists, who want a refreshment of the metallurgical principles, and hands-on metallurgists who wish to strengthen their knowledge of the theoretical background and the world of metallurgy.

The first day aims to explain the theoretical background of thermodynamics (reactions, phase transformations, heat effects...) in relation to an industrial reality.

The visualization of equilibria and the interpretation of phase diagrams is tackled on the second and third day. The second day focuses on basic phase diagrams, and their application for metallic systems and alloy microstructures. The third day focuses on phase diagrams, as well as structure and properties, for slags and mattes.

During the last day, a helicopter view of metallurgical processes will be given: what are the different ways to make steel and base metals? What are the main processes, and how do they link to each other? In short, must-have base knowledge for everyone active in metallurgy.

Read more about the content of the sessions in the detailed day programmes:

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Practical details

Price450€ per day per person
1600€ per person for the full course (4 days)

Course programme 2018 in Taipei: 1-3/05/2018

This year, we will also organize our metallurgical course programme in Taiwan. This course will be held in Taipei from the 1st to the 3rd of May 2018:

Practical details

LocationTaipei, Taiwan (TBC)
Price14 000 NTD per day per person
35 000 NTD per person for the full course (3 days)

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Educational program

  • How to read a phase diagram – basic level
  • How to read a phase diagram – advanced level
  • Introduction in thermodynamics: from theory to practice
  • Quantitative metallurgy: sampling, measuring, interpretation
  • Thermodynamics in iron- and steel production
  • Metal-slag-matte equilibrium (lead production, copper production)

Custom made courses

InsPyro provides custom made courses for your specific metallurgical process. Please contact for more information.
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