8/12/2017: Inspiration Day

Engineering projects: sharing best practices

For the upcoming Inspiration Day, we have invited two experienced engineers who will share their approach and lessons learnt on the management of engineering projects.

Ulrich Gulgans, konzept GmbH, will present the workflow going from the inquiry over the feasibility to the procurement, and remind us the meaning of PFD, P&ID, HAZOP and the like. Ulrich has 10 years experience as a filtration engineer and 18 years managing his engineering services company.

David Pletinckx, Nyrstar, will discuss a specific industrial case: the recent planned shutdown of a zinc roaster in Balen. David is a Process Technologist at Nyrstar since 2012 and has worked for Campine and Flanders Drive before.

Time Friday 8/12/2017, 14:00-17:00
Place Leuven, Belgium
Cost Free!
  Registration required (limited space available, € 50 no-show fee)


Material and product innovation through computational methods

When: Thursday 19/1/2017, 13.30-18.00
Where: Park Inn Hotel, Martelarenlaan 36, Leuven, Belgium
Who:All those interested in the program
Cost:Free but subscription is necessary (no-show fee: 50€)

Developing truly innovative materials and products is challenging when thousands of alternatives exist. Computational methods allow to reduce the amount of experiments to find the optimal alloy, ceramic, product design, etc. In this seminar, several techniques will be discussed: from the fundamental ab initio method, based on quantum physics, up to the more pragmatic thermodynamics and CFD (fluid dynamics) methods.

Proven applications are the design of new cooling systems, the selection of compositions for new alloys and ceramics, the selection of new compounds with specific properties, and the development of building materials from waste.


13.30 Registration
14.00 Welcome
  • Lieven Vervecken (CEO Diabatix): "CFD as a platform to drive innovation"
  • Lukas Arnout (Researcher KULeuven): "From landfill residue to high strength concrete"
  • David Waroquiers (Researcher UCLouvain): "Computational materials design : search and discovery of new advanced materials"
  • Kurt Beghyn (Foundry expert Sirris): "Optimizing casting design by use of simulation techniques"
  • Sander Arnout (Managing Director InsPyro): "Modelling for product design in metallurgy"
17.00Networking drink


Lieven Vervecken

Lieven obtained a PhD in the field of CFD in cooperation with SCK-CEN in Mol. Then he founded Diabatix, an innovative start-up offering analyses and improvements of existing cooling systems as well as the design of new systems and delivers innovative, high-performance cooling solutions with a high degree of customization.

Lukas Arnout

Lukas is currently working as a researcher at the University of Leuven in the group Sustainable Metals Processing and Recycling. His main research interest lies in the field of geopolymer production from metallurgical slags.

David Waroquiers

David is a Materials Science Engineer from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). He obtained his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics under the supervision of Prof. Xavier Gonze. Since then he has been working as a post-doctoral researcher on high-throughput computing and crystal structure data mining for the design of new materials. He has been applying these methods in several industrially relevant materials and processes in partnership with major chemical and materials companies.

Kurt Beghyn

Kurt has 20 years of experience as foundry expert at Sirris. He is responsible for several innovative research projects in the field of foundry technology.

Sander Arnout

After a PhD in stainless steel metallurgy, Sander founded InsPyro, providing consultancy and process support in pyrometallurgy. He is experienced in feasibility studies, operational problem solving, and strategic developments, using analysis of the process data, models, experimental set-ups, and advanced characterization work.
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