METSIM is the world's leading simulation software for metallurgical and chemical engineering processes. It is capable of accurately simulating a wide variety of processes for mining industry, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. Over 620 companies and universities in 54 countries are using Metsim for design, simulation and operation of complex heap leaching systems, metallurgical plants, tailings ponds, fertilizer plants, etc. Metsim allows both steady state as dynamic simulations. By implementing process controllers and different unit operations, a virtual twin of a plant is created.

InsPyro is official Metsim agent for Europe. We are proud to be part of a worldwide netwerk of experts available for support and training.

Regularly, InsPyro organises training courses for new METSIM users. If you wish to see a demo of the software, please contact us or subscribe for a webinar. These one hour webinars will showcase a few examples.

Check our METSIM courses page for planned activities and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates of upcoming activities.

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