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4th of December: Inspiration Day 2015

The Inspiration Day 2015, this time in cooperation with ProOpt International, was a success again. This year's focus was on fact-based decision making in metallurgical operations. International experts in data management, process design, and plant management were present, and presented trends and insights in the following program:

  • 14.00: Welcome by Sander Arnout - InsPyro
    InsPyro's vision on understanding and steering of metallurgical operations

  • 14.20: Michel Bridy - Bee.Solutions
    The opportunities of intelligent data management

  • 15.30: Mark W. Kennedy - NTNU/Proval Partners
    Process modelling and predicting process response

  • 15.50: Paul Hellinckx - Proval Partners
    Eras Metal development: how process control adds value

  • 16.10: S. Arnout & C. Landaas - ProOpt International
    Bringing all aspects together: the ProOpt strategy


April 2, 2015: InsPyro and Proval Partners sign cooperation agreement

InsPyro and Proval Partners today announce that they have established a new and extensive cooperation. “We believe this partnership is another important step to provide our customers with high-quality consultancy services, covering all aspects of operating a metallurgical business,” says InsPyro CEO Sander Arnout.
Read the full press release

Feb. 24, 2015: RecoPhos Demo Event

The RecoPhos consortium organized a demo event where the process concept was explained and the small pilot plant was shown to the public. The project, funded by the European FP7 program, aims at developing technology to recover elemental phosphorus from sewage sludge ash, and lasted from March 2012 to February 2015. An experimental plant with an input capacity of 10 kg/h was designed and built in the project, based on the innovative InduCarb reactor concept. This reactor consists of an inductively heated packed-bed reactor, featuring short residence times and fast removal of process gases.


The demo event attracted a nice audience of over 40 people from governmental organisations, academia, and mostly industry. Several speakers from the consortium presented the scientific background and experimental results.


Several speakers from the consortium presented the scientific background and experimental results.

  • Harald Raupenstrauch (from the project coordinating partner MU Leoben) and Daniel Steppich (from SGL, the concern holding the base patents and commercializing the technology) introduced the process idea and the consortium. It was shown how the process is not intended at producing low-added value fertilizers, but aims at niche applications where elemental phosphorus forms the basis for industrial chemicals.
  • Sander Arnout (InsPyro) presented the thermodynamic models and databases, built to understand the chemical behaviour of the process. The correspondence between the observed behaviour and calculation results with optimistic assumptions was notable.
  • Andreas Schönberg (MU Leoben) and Daniel Hariri (H-CPE) explained the design of the reactor, based on detailed models for fluid flow and induction heating phenomena. The plant has been designed up to industrial standards, including safety features and an automated man-machine interface.
  • Fatah Naji (Uni Stuttgart) summarized the results of the experiments performed with lab equipment and the small pilot plant. Based on the analysis of the reduced slag, up to 95% of the phosphorus is removed from the ash in the process. The largest amount of phosphorus reports to the gas phase, a minor fraction is also found in fine ferrophosphorus droplets. A limited addition of fluxes proved crucial to obtain good reactivities and residence times.
  • Alfred Edlinger (MIT) focused on the slag as an essential by-product. A zero-waste process can be achieved only if the slag, as the largest volume output, finds a useful application. And indeed, the RecoPhos slag is a valuable material that leads to high quality blended cements.

The presentations will be published on the RecoPhos website. Next on the program was a visit to the small pilot in small groups.



After the visit, an interesting discussion followed with several experts in the phosphorus field. It became clear that the high-temperature treatment opens opportunities to separate phosphorus from heavy metals in the sewage sludge, be it in the process itself or in the off-gas chain. A next step could be a further development project, in which the involvement of industrial phosphorus consumers and phosphorus containing ash or waste producers is intended.

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InsPyro Birthday Cake

Nov. 20: Inspiration Day 2014

Innovation and Developments in Metallurgy and Recycling

The Inspiration Day took place already for the fifth time. This anniversary edition of InsPyro again gathered a number of interesting speakers from industry and academics. They presented several metallurgy-related innovations to which they personally contributed to.

CEO Sander Arnout opened the event and gave an overview of 5 years InsPyro. During this period the company has grown internationally and built up significant experience by providing consultancy to important European players in the metallurgical industry. Besides the experience, InsPyro has the in-depth expertise, a broad knowledge-based network and the know-how of using simulation tools. All of this makes that InsPyro – in a straightforward manner – can provide a well-founded and sophisticated answer to the increasing complexity of metallurgy today.

Keynote speaker Prof. Derek Fray of the University of Cambridge presented the following topic: “Creating spin-out companies from university research.” Derek Fray talked about his experiences over the past 25 years on the edge between research and business. By carefully and sensibly dealing with the opportunities offered by advanced research, Fray was involved in starting up a dozen technology firms.

Inspiration Day InsPyro

Subsequently a number of interesting presentations elaborated on innovation examples in the metallurgical industry. The following speakers from industries - including slag and waste processing, non-ferro and steel foundries – took the stand:

  • Daneel Geysen (Group Machiels) talked about gasifacation and melting processes applied for waste recycling.
  • Hilde Goovaerts (Campine) explained the need for process innovation and recent advancements in lead and antimony recycling at Campine.
  • Susana Martinez de la Puente (Allard Europe) showed how equilibrium phase calculations help to produce thick-walled castings in duplex stainless steels.
  • Dirk Van Mechelen (Recmix) provided insight into investments in een carbonatation factory (Carmat) for producing Carbstone : a valorization route for slags and CO2.

The Inspiration Day concluded with a networking moment and a festive walking dinner.

Past activities and news


  • 15-17/04/2015: 4th International Slag Valorisation Symposium (Leuven, Belgium). InsPyro presented a paper on the use of thermodynamic software to improve slag quality.
  • 14-17/06/2015: European Metallurgical Conference combined with Pb-Zn 2015 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
    InsPyro presented papers on carbon materials reactivity and the Ellingham stability diagram for sulphides (available upon request).
  • 16-20/06/2015: GIFA exhibition combined with METEC and Newcast (Düsseldorf, Germany)


  • 8-9/12/2014: Global Slag (Aachen, Germany)
  • 2014 course program
  • 14-16/05/2014: Pb experts meeting GDMB. Dr. Nagels will present the InsPyro approach on modelling and improving lead processes.



  • 13/11/2012: Allard-Europe N.V. makes a difference in duplex stainless steel. Read the full press release! (Dutch) (English)
  • 19/10/2012: Course on phase diagram reading
  • 11-13/07/2012: GTT workshop (presentation: "Phosphorus in slag and modelling of the RecoPhos process")
  • 14-16/05/2012: CleanSteel 8, Budapest, Hungary (presentation: "Steel cleanliness improvement in specialty steelmaking")
  • 02/03/2012: 2nd Inspiration Day: Metallurgical applications of thermodynamics - short course linkedin-icon
  • 01/03/2012: The EU-FP7 project RecoPhos, aiming at recovery of high quality phosphorus from sewage sludge ash, has started. The investigated process is using an innovative high-temperature reactor. Read more in the MULeoben press release on RecoPhos.
  • 26/01/2012: InsPyro in the Belgian Newspaper "de Standaard": From Doctor to Manager, with thanks to our entrepreneurship mentors at SOKwadraat


  • 28/6-2/7/2011: METEC-GIFA 2011
  • 27-29/6/2011: European Metallurgical Conference 2011, presentation on Thermodynamics of Lead Recycling


  • 3/12/2010: 1st Inspiration day on improvement of metallurgical operations, with speakers from industry (Campine, Nedstaal)
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