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Spark calculation tool

Tools for easy access to process metallurgy and materials calculations

Several reactions and material interactions simultaneously take place at high temperature. Thermodynamic modelling calculates the reaction results for you without the need for expensive experiments or trials in the process. These multiphase equilibria are calculated with complex models using hundreds of possible phases and several solution phases: alloys, slags, mixed oxides or carbides... To allow anyone to use these powerful models, InsPyro developed Spark, a user-friendly and predefined calculation tool.

All YOU need to do is click the button!

Some examples are given here, but many more systems are available on request.

Alloy properties calculation

From the temperature and the alloy composition, you get immediate results on which phases will be formed. For iron, steel, aluminium or other alloys, this is an indispensible tool.

  • For any alloy developer, to look for the optimal composition
  • In production, to evaluate the effect of impurities
  • To look for the best heat treatment temperature

Slag properties calculation

From a slag composition (resulting from the charge calculation, or from an analysis of the industrial result), the program tells you:

  • The liquid fraction at the process temperature
  • The liquidus (melting point) of the slag
  • The solid oxide phases present in the slag at high temperature and on cooling
  • If desired, the viscosity, sulphur capacity,...


Integrated charge calculation and process model

From the weights of scrap, fluxes, reductants, and any other materials added to the furnace, the calculation gives:

  • The amount and composition of the alloy
  • The amount of heat required to melt the material
  • The amount and composition of slag/matte
  • The excess amount of reductants
  • The amount of pollutants in the gas phase

This provides easy feedback on the charge before it is loaded into the furnace. With a simple click of a button, the effect of any adjustments can be seen immediately.


Phase diagram posters

It is difficult to find a good phase diagram to use as a working tool to sketch a process or explain a formed microstructure. This problem is now solved with the InsPyro phase diagram poster service. We deliver the phase diagram you need in posterformat or printed on whiteboard.


Tangible 3D phase diagrams

A 3D phase diagram is the perfect tool to understand the phase-temperature relations in a three component system. It is no longer necessary to imagine a 3D reality from isothermal sections and projections as this reality is now at your fingertips with a tangible 3D phase diagram. The phase diagram can consist in different parts (primary regions, sections at different process temperatures,...).

fasediagram6 fasediagram7

The miscibility gap is a separate part and can be removed to see the actual liquidus surface.

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