The consulting work of InsPyro supports on three pillars, which are complementary to each other, and suit the needs of every project. First of all, we have calculations and modelling. A second specialty are high temperature experimental set-ups. Finally, there is materials characterization and analysis, for which you will find more information in our characterization tools overview.


Thermodynamic modelling and calculations

Thermodynamic models are suitable tools to relieve some of the complexity of multi-component processes. Both for exploratory work as for process optimization, they can give a solid estimation of the expected equilibrium, phase compositions, metal yields, and so on.

InsPyro has a strong background in thermodynamics and metallurgical theory. We are highly flexible and can provide phase diagrams, process models, or materials interaction studies, always keeping the application in mind, and assisting in the interpretation and in implementing the implications.


CFD modelling

With CFD, the flow patterns in a reactor or piece of equipment can be studied in detail. The technique allows to investigate:

  • Temperature distribution in furnaces, e.g. to optimize the reactions in the bath or to avoid hot-spots on a refractory wall
  • Flows in off-gas systems, such as cyclones, filters, etc., with the resulting particle removal, which allows to optimize the design.
  • Particle behaviour (e.g. flue dusts or fumed metals), including breakage, collision, and coagulation, and the effect on the particle size distribution function
  • Effect of reaction speed and process parameters on the throughput
  • Effect of design changes on operational performance


High temperature experimental set-ups

InsPyro has the necessary experience and access to equipment to perform several high temperature experiments. The scale ranges from below a gram up to 20 kg. The temperature can be as high as 1650░C. Different set-ups are available to study the interactions between refractory, metal and slag, as well as for solidification.


Materials Characterization

InsPyro opens up a range of characterization possibilities for your project:

  • Microscopy and microanalysis
  • Chemical and mineralogical analysis
  • High temperature characterization

Read more in the characterization tools overview.

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