Software for mining and metallurgy

To make sure insights become a part of the plant management, InsPyro believes strongly in software tools. Depending on the application and level of knowledge, we provide different solutions.

ProOpt Advisor is the most advanced solution, combining models and plant data to support decisions for engineers, operators, or management.

METSIM® is the premier flowsheet modelling software, used for process engineering and for optimization. It supports equipment design and allows for realistic models, taking actual equipment constraints into account.

InsPyro Spark provides easy access to thermochemical calculations, such as the calculation of slag melting and viscosity, alloy phase stability, or complex process chemical equilibria.

ProOpt Advisor – data to actions

ProOpt is a platform integrating data management, modelling, and user-specific dashboards. This Industry 4.0 tools enable fast optimisation as it empowers people:

  • Engineers spend time on improving the performance – not finding and checking the data
  • Operators get correct advice at the time they can use it
  • Fluctuations can be reduced, which liberates capacity
  • Simulations give all user levels the same insight into relationships in complex plant
  • Management and purchasing get technical insights, which allows for better decisions
  • Feed forward function of the digital twin reduces critical happenings and increases safety

As a founding partner of ProOpt International, InsPyro support the implementation of ProOpt Advisor by building models and project management, always keeping the added value during application in mind.

ProOpt system interaction flowsheet model plant data performance dashboard

METSIM® Flowsheet simulator

The basis for analysis of all chemical and metallurgical processes is the mass and energy balance. Plant design, capital costs, and technical evaluations are all dependent on such calculations. METSIM® is a general-purpose process simulation system designed to assist the engineer in performing mass and energy balances of complex processes. It has been applied in several processes and industries such as copper, nickel, gold, lead, zinc en ferroalloys.

As an official METSIM® agent, InsPyro can provide METSIM® licenses, training, and modelling support. Apart from our own experts, we can involve Metsim International experts on hydrometallurgy, heap leaching, mining etc.

Spark – easy thermodynamic and materials calculations

Several reactions and material interactions simultaneously take place at high temperature. Thermodynamic modelling calculates the reaction results for you without the need for expensive experiments or trials in the process. These multiphase equilibria are calculated with complex models using hundreds of possible phases and several solution phases: alloys, slags, mixed oxides or carbides… To allow anyone to use these powerful models, InsPyro developed Spark, a user-friendly and predefined calculation tool, with complex calculations typically launched in one click.

Some examples:

  • Alloy properties calculation: predict which phases are formed as a function of composition, impurities or heat treatment
  • Slag properties calculation: calculate melting point, viscosity, sulphur capacity, mineralogy after cooling, and fluxing

Integrated charge calculation and process model

From the weights of scrap, fluxes, reductants, and any other materials added to the furnace, the calculation gives:

  • The amount and composition of the alloy
  • The amount of heat required to melt the material
  • The amount and composition of slag/matte
  • The excess amount of reductants
  • The amount of pollutants in the gas phase

This provides easy feedback on the charge before it is loaded into the furnace. With a simple click of a button, the effect of any adjustments can be seen immediately.

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