Fluid dynamics simulation

Gain insight into the flow or heat transfer behaviour of your process or design. InsPyro performs reliable CFD analysis to understand issues with the goal to find a suitable improved design, whether it is an HVAC system, a small machinery component, a settler, or a furnace layout.

Rely on InsPyro’s CFD specialists to efficiently model geometry, specify boundary conditions, run CFD simulations, interpret the results, and formulate practical recommendations.

Our specialists have a wide experience in CFD techniques including combustion, radiation, particle physics, multiphase flow, and aeroacoustics.

Our aim is to deliver a relevant and understandable answer to your question, without delay. Our customers most frequently chose the words Useful, Clear, Reliable, Flexible, and High quality to describe our services.

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Case study: cooling of a cleaned part

Our customer, specialised in cleanroom technology, needed to guarantee a uniform temperature of cleaned parts entering the cleanroom. With CFD, we compared the heat transfer for different air inlet designs.

Case study: ventilation

Ventilation can save lifes, but how can you be sure that enough air movement is provided? Computational Fluid Dynamics (=CFD) calculates air flow and visualises potential health and safety hazards.

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Case study: gas cyclone

To remove even the smallest contaminant particles from a gas stream, small optimizations to the cyclone design can make a big difference.
Read our application note on cyclone particle removal efficiency

Case study: multiphase mixing

For optimizing mixing or increasing the residence time of the injected gases, whether in wastewater treatment or in liquid metal, CFD is an efficient design support tool.
Read our application note on redesigning a lead refinery stirrer

InsPyro runs ANSYS Fluent software to model, predict and analyse flow and heat transfer. Alternatives are CFX or OpenFOAM. Using these renowned simulation tools, our specialists reveal the hydrodynamics of gas flows, chemical aqueous or organic liquids, and even liquid metal or hot dust laden gases. Heat conduction, radiation, and convection models are included to study and optimize heat transfer problems.

Using the insight acquired, the process or design can be improved further to increase economics and establish a healthier working environment. As heat transfer is often a key driver in process capacity, improvements can have a large impact on profitability. Similarly, solving flow and pressure loss bottlenecks can allow for cost savings or capacity expansion.

CFD analysis can resolve a range of process issues:

Thanks to their combined expertise in the applications as well as in the physical basis of CFD, InsPyro specialists provide more valuable insight. They provide well-founded analysis results and actionable conclusions in the shortest time possible.

This information allows for efficiently resolving specific issues and realize performance improvements in your processes, or make quick changes to your product design without extensive testing iterations.

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