InsPyro provides courses on materials science, metallurgy, process modelling (e.g. METSIM®) and CFD. We regularly organize courses at our offices in Leuven, Belgium. Keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our newsletter to receive course announcements.

For groups at companies, we provide custom training on location ranging from basic metallurgical principles up to advanced thermochemistry. The audience can be engineers, operators, or commercial professionals. Contact us to define your training project.

Metallurgy Theory and Applications Course program – 2024

Our yearly organised course program is given in English and is aimed at people active in the metal processing industry. The course can be a refreshment of the metallurgical principles for engineers, or give hands-on metallurgists a solid theoretical background. There are 4 modules:

21/10/2024Thermodynamics in pyrometallurgy – Thermodynamic principles, understanding reactions, oxidation and reduction in an Ellingham diagram
22/10/2024How to read a phase diagram – Learn to use phase diagrams as a tool, lever rule in binary and ternary diagrams, obtaining solubility limits and melting points
23/10/2024Phase diagrams in pyrometallurgy – Slag and matte systems, refractory-slag interaction, understanding slag formation
24/10/2024Introduction to hydrometallurgy – Leaching, purification and metal recovery, E-pH diagrams, solubility product, electrode potential

To register or for more information, contact Els Nagels via email or call +32 16 298 491.

METSIM® hands-on modelling training

METSIM® is the world standard in flowsheet modelling for mining and metallurgy. InsPyro will host hybrid METSIM® courses (Western Europe timezone). Topics include basic model set-up up to advanced and dynamic features. The course has a modular set-up, so participants can select the most relevant topics.

In 2024 we continue organising the topical trainings. Every month we organise a 2 hour online training on a specific METSIM® topic.

Program information

Feel free to contact us for separate training if this time does not fit. For more information, contact Els Nagels via email or call +32 16 298 491.


InsPyro provides tailor made courses for your specific metallurgical process. Please contact us for more information.


  • Basics of materials science: process-structure-properties
  • How to read a phase diagram – basic level
  • How to read a phase diagram – advanced level
  • Introduction in thermodynamics: from theory to practice
  • Quantitative metallurgy: sampling, measuring, interpretation
  • Thermodynamics in iron- and steel production
  • Thermodynamics of primary or secondary lead production
  • Metal-slag-matte equilibrium (lead production, copper production)
  • Flowsheet modelling with METSIM®
  • Computational fluid dynamics

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